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The Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) for Wicklow Greens are extensive. Property owners should have been provided a complete copy at the time of purchase. 

Click here for a copy of the Covenants & Deed Restrictions.
Click here for the Design Standards Manual--2007 Ver3.

Article 7 covers the issues related to architectural review and is the Article of most interest to our residents. Therefore, we are including herein only those sections. To obtain an application for architectural change, contact EPM Services or go to the page on this website entitled "Architectural Review" to print an application.

Article 7, Permitted Uses and Restrictions.

Section 7.3 (2) Restrictions On Use. Except as planned or constructed by Developer, no solar heating or cooling units or other type of solar unit shall be constructed, erected, placed or maintained upon any Lot or structure within Wicklow Greens, nor shall changes or additions thereto be made, until the plans and specifications showing the same shall have been submitted to and approved in writing as to harmony of external design and location in relation to the Lot and structure and to surrounding structures and topography by the Board or by the Architectural Committee composed of three (3) or more representatives appointed by the Board. In considering the plans and specifications for approval, the Committee should require that solar units installed on Dwelling Units with built-up roofs meet the following requirements. . ." Note: Detailed specifications for installation are set forth in the CC&Rs.

Section 7.9 Maintenance of Lawns and Plantings. Each Owner of a Lot or Parcel shall keep all shrubs, trees, hedges, grass and plantings of every kind located on his Lot or Parcel (including set back areas and Common Areas), neatly maintained and trimmed, except to the extent such items are aesthetically consistent with the overall appearance of the Real Property without such maintenance or trimming, and shall keep all such areas free of trash, weeds and other unsightly material; provided, however, that such Owner shall not be responsible for maintenance of any area over which (1) the Association assumes the responsibility in writing; (2) the Association has been given such responsibility by a Tract Plat; Tract Declaration or other recorded instrument, as provided in this Declaration; or (3) any governmental authority or entity assumes responsibility, for so long as the Association or such governmental authority assumes or has responsibility as provided in this Declaration."

Section 7.10 Animals. No animals, birds, fowl, poultry, or livestock, other than a reasonable number of generally recognized house or yard pets, shall be maintained on any portion of the Property and then only if they are kept, bred or raised thereon solely as domestic pets and not for commercial purposes. No animal shall be allowed to make an unreasonable amount of noise, or to become a nuisance, and no animal is permitted anywhere in Wicklow Greens unless such animal is on a leash and accompanied by its owner. No structure for the care, housing or confinement of any animal shall be maintained so as to be Visible from Neighboring Property. Upon written request of any Owner, the Board shall determine, in its discretion, whether, for the purposes of this paragraph, a particular animal is a generally recognized house or yard pet, or nuisance, or whether the number of animals on any such portion of the Property is reasonable. Any decision rendered by the Board shall be enforceable as to the restrictions contained herein."

Section 7.11 Antennas. No antennas or other device for the transmission or reception of television or radio signals or any other form of electromagnetic radiation shall be erected, used or maintained outdoors on any property, whether attached to a building or structure or otherwise, unless approved by the Architectural Committee."

Section 7.13 Improvements and Alterations. No improvements, alterations, repairs, excavations, landscaping or other work which in any way alters the exterior appearance of any portion of the Real Property or the Improvements located thereon from its natural or improved state existing on the date such portion of the Property was first conveyed in fee to a Purchaser shall be made or done without the prior written approval of the Architectural Committee, except as otherwise expressly provided in this Declaration. No building, fence, wall, landscaping, residence or other structure shall be commenced, erected, maintained, improved, altered, made or done without the prior written approval of the Architectural Committee or any committee established by the Architectural Committee for said architectural review purpose. All additions to or changes or alterations in any landscaping, building, fence, wall or other structure, including exterior color scheme, shall be subject to the prior approval of the Architectural Committee. No change or deviations in or from such plans and specifications once approved shall be made without the prior written approval of the Architectural Committee."

Section 7.15 Motor Vehicles. No motor vehicle classified by manufacturer rating as exceeding ¾ ton, mobile home, travel trailer, tent trailer, trailer, camper shell, detached camper, boat, boat trailer, or other similar equipment or vehicle may be parked, maintained, constructed, reconstructed or repaired on any Lot, Parcel, Common Area, or on any street in the Real Property so as to be Visible From Neighboring Property or the Common Area; provided, however, the provisions of this section shall not apply to (1) pickup trucks of ¾ ton or less capacity with camper shells not exceeding 7 feet in height measured from ground level and mini-motor homes not exceeding 7 feet in height and 18 feet in length which are parked as provided below and are used on a regular and recurring basis for basic transportation, or (2) trucks, trailers, camper and other vehicles parked in specific areas from time to time designated or provided by the Association for parking thereof, including the Specified Parking Areas, when and if so provided. No automobile, motorcycle, motorbike or other motor vehicle shall be constructed, reconstructed or repaired upon any Lot, Parcel or Common Area in Wicklow Greens, and no inoperable vehicle may be stored or parked on any such Lot, Parcel or Common Area, so as to be Visible From Neighboring property or to be visible from Common Areas; provided, however, that the provisions of this shall not apply to (1) emergency vehicle repairs or temporary construction shelters or facilities maintained during, and used exclusively in connection with, the construction of any Improvement approved by the Architectural Committee; (2) vehicles parked in garages on Lots or Parcels so long as such vehicles are in good operating condition and appearance and are not under repair; (3) the storage of such vehicles in an area designated for such purposes on a Subdivision Plant, Tract Declaration or otherwise by the Association, including but not limited to Specified Parking Areas. Motorcycles, all terrain vehicles, and similar motorized vehicle (collectively, 'Recreational Motorcycles') shall be permitted to operate only for transportation purposes on those portions of Wicklow Greens from time to time designated on the Plat, Subdivision Plat, or Tract Declaration, or by the Board, for motorized traffic, and shall not be operated at noise levels offensive or otherwise a nuisance to Residents. Recreational Motorcycles shall not be permitted on the Property if used primarily by the owners or operators thereof on the Property for recreational or uses other than in satisfaction of basic transportation needs. The Board shall have the authority to set speed limits, designate pedestrian crosswalks and otherwise control traffic flow on the Property."

Section 7.16 Parking. It is the intent of the Declarant to restrict on-street parking as much as possible. Vehicles of all Owners and Residents, and of their employees, guests and invitees, are to be kept in garages, carports, residential driveways of the Owner, and other designated parking areas wherever such facilities are sufficient to accommodate the number of vehicles at a Lot or Parcel; provided, however, this shall not be construed to permit the parking in the above described areas of any vehicle whose parking on the Property is otherwise prohibited, or the parking of an inoperable vehicle. The Board, or its designated Manager, shall have the authority to cause any vehicle parked, located or used in violation of any provision of the Declaration, or the Association Rules, to be removed from the Real Property, and to charge the owner or operator thereof a reasonable fee for such removal and any storage of such vehicle."

Section 7.17 Nuisances; Constructive Activities. No rubbish or debris of any kind shall be placed or permitted to accumulate upon or adjacent to any Lot or Parcel, and no odors or loud noises shall be permitted to arise or emit therefrom, so as to render any such portion of the Real Property, or activity thereon, unsanitary, unsightly, offensive or detrimental to any other portion of the Real Property in the vicinity thereof or to the occupants or such other portion of the Real Property. No other nuisance shall be permitted to exist or operate upon any Lot or Parcel so as to be offensive or detrimental to any other portion of the Real Property in the vicinity thereof or to its occupants. Without limiting the generality of any of the foregoing provisions, no exterior speakers, horns, whistles, firecrackers, bells or other sound devices, except security devices exclusively for security purposes, shall be located, used or placed on any such portion of the Real Property. Reflective glass, glass covering, window film or similar reflective exterior glazing or wall covering shall not be permitted on any Improvement on any portion of the Real Property. Exterior lighting shall not be located, directed, or of an intensity so as to be offensive or a nuisance to adjacent property, and shall in all respects be subject to review and approval of the Architectural Committee. Normal construction activities and parking in connection with the building of Improvements on a Lot or Parcel shall not be considered a nuisance or otherwise prohibited by this Declaration, and trash and debris shall not be considered a nuisance or otherwise prohibited by the Declaration, but Lots and Parcels shall be kept in a neat and tidy condition during construction periods. Trash and debris shall not be permitted to accumulate, and supplies of brick, block, lumber and other building materials will b piled only in such areas as may be approved by the Architectural Committee. In addition, any construction equipment and building materials stored or kept o any Lot or Parcel during construction of Improvements may be kept only in areas approved the Architectural Committee, which may also require screening of the storage areas. The Board in its sole discretion shall have the right to determine the existence of any such nuisance."

Section 7.18 Repair of Building. No building or structure upon any portion of the Real Property shall be permitted to fall into disrepair, and each such building and structure shall at all times be kept in good condition and repair and adequately painted or otherwise finished."

Section 7.19 Trash Containers and Collection. No garbage or trash shall be placed or kept on any portion of the Real Property within Wicklow Greens except in covered containers of a type, size and style which are approved by the Architectural Committee. In no event shall such containers be maintained so as to be Visible From Neighboring Property except to make the same available for collection and then, only the shortest time reasonable necessary to effect such collection. . ."

Section 7.20 Clothes Drying Facilities. Outside clothes lines or other outside facilities for drying or airing clothes shall not be erected, placed or maintained on any portion of the Real Property."

Section 7.24 Signs. No signs whatsoever (including but not limited to commercial, political and similar signs) which are Visible From Neighboring Property shall be erected or maintained on any Lot or Parcel except:

(a) Signs required by legal proceedings.
(b) Signs (including 'for sale' and 'for lease' signs) the nature, number, and location of which has been approved in advance and in writing by the Architectural Committee.
(c) Temporary signs of builders on any Lot or Parcel approved from time to time by the Architectural Committee as to number, size, colors, design, message content, location, type and duration of presence thereon.
(d) Such other signs (including but not limited to residence identification
signs, construction job identification signs, builders' signs, street signs, warning signs, traffic routing signs and subdivision signs) which are in conformance with the requirements of a governmental authority or entity having jurisdiction thereof and which have been approved in writing by the Architectural Committee as to size, color, design, message content and location."

Section 7.27 Drainage. No one shall interfere with the established drainage pattern over any Lot, Parcel or Common Area within Wicklow Greens without the prior written approval of the Architectural Committee. For purposes of this section, 'established drainage' shall mean the drainage which exists at the time the overall grading of the Lot, Parcel or Common Area is completed or the drainage which is shown on plans approved by the Architectural Committee."

Section 7.33 Wood Storage. Wood piles to be stored must meet the following provisions:

(a) No more than one fourth (1/4) of a cord may be stored at any one time.
(b) The wood must be stacked in an orderly fashion so as not to detract from the aesthetics of the surrounding property.
(c) The wood must be stored in a place that will not interfere with regular
gardening and lawn service or sprinkler operation.
(d) The Owner assumes all responsibility for any insect problems (termites, ants, etc.) that may result from wood storage."